Need help moving your pool table? Billiard Experts Houston offers our professional services to disassemble and reassemble your pool table where ever you would like.We will move it from store to home, room to room, floor to floor, or venue to venue. Our services cover every spectrum of moving options.

A quality pool table can easily weigh 1000 pounds so it is highly advised that you do not move your pool table on your own. Moving heavy objects without proper training could cause you to injure yourself and even your table.  Pool tables are big investments, therefore you will want to take the right precautions when moving it from place to place.

There is a common misconception that to move a pool table all this is necessary is removing the legs and torquing it to fit through a door. Moving a table like this can damage important components. If you try to move your pool table to a different location you will want to disassemble it completely. At Billiard Experts Houston we dissemble every table we move taking every necessary precaution to guarantee its safety.

To properly transport a pool table we would need to:

  • Remove the bumpers
  • Remove the felt
  • Remove the slates and pick them up. Carefully!
  • Disassemble the legs
  • Acquire enough man power to move and load all the pieces

Once we move your pool table to its final destination, we will consult you on exactly where you would like your table to be placed for optimal playing ability. Then we will fully re-assemble it and can even re-felt your pool table at that time if you please. The job is not complete until we establish the table is level and ready to be played on.

If you need to move a pool table or have any questions, don’t hesitate to call Ed Nutter’s Billiard Experts at 713-468-3312.