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Houston Pool Table Re-felting

Over time you can expect your pool table felt to fade, get scratched, get stained, or just acquire an overall outdated grunge look. Replacing your pool table felt is an inevitable feat all table owners will face if they desire to reinstate its former beauty. The only other option would be to invest in another billiard table, and in that case we have a diverse collection to choose from!

When the time comes to make the decision on re-felting your pool table, you may battle between doing it yourself, or hiring a professional. It is important to take into mind all the steps that will need to be taken and NEED to be done properly to ensure a proper re-felting. In a Nutshell, the process we take to re-felt looks something like this:

  1. First, the rails need to be removed from the bottom of the table using a socket wrench.
  2. The cushions are removed from each corner of the table.
  3. Once the rails are removed, the staples holding the felt on the underside will be taken out using our heavy duty staple remover.
  4. The new cushion will then be laid on the edge of the rail where we mark the angle of the cut and curve of the pocket, since each corner can have a different angle.
  5. Once the cushions have been laid they will be cut into the appropriate sizes.
  6. The cushions will then be glued down with contact cement in their correct places carefully aligning them as straight as possible.
  7. At this point, we will lay the felt down evenly across the pool table with at least 12 inches of extra material on all sides, this will then be used to re-felt the rails of the pool table.
  8. Once the felt is smooth and even, we will begin to staple from the center working our way to the sides.
  9. Two cuts will be made on the longer ends of the felt and torn in a straight line to use for recovering the cushions. This will also be repeated on the short sides as well.
  10. The pieces of felt torn off will then be cut in half for covering the cushions.
  11. Once the cushions and side rails are covered, we begin to reassemble the table into its shiny new state.

As you can see through our brief summary, the process can be quite intricate. Pool table re-felting will take a considerable amount of time if you attempt to do it yourself and you can ruin your table if it is not done correctly.

At Billiard Experts Houston, we guarantee a professional and flawless re-felting service that we have stood behind for years. Although, if you decide to take the “do it yourself” route, good luck and god speed!

For more information on our pool table re-felting services or advice for doing it yourself call Ed Nutter’s Billiards today!